Wellcome! My name is Elena. And I’ve been an allergic child’s mom for 5 years.

This is a site for allergy sufferers and for parents of allergy sufferers.

For whom

Those who need to find accessible, relevant, useful information about allergies in one place have saved time, nerves and health.

For people who first encountered allergies and do not know what to do.

For people who have long adapted, but are looking for new information.

For those who are looking for solutions.

For those who care about their health.

For those who are important not to feel alone.

For those who need support, advice and confidence that everything will be fine. And everything will be fine 🙂

So that they have experience and knowledge with others.

About what

This site requires an allergic reaction to individual medicine.

I want to emphasize that this site is informative and does not claim to be the ultimate truth.

Here I try to collect the maximum of useful information that every allergy sufferer needs to know.

Each article is not only my experience, but also the fruit of collective discussions on forums and thematic sites.


Because i’m mom. And my son is allergic.


The idea of ​​the site did not arise immediately.

I had to go through a misunderstanding of relatives, obscene situations, depression, fear, despair, the indifference of doctors, immortality in search of computers, tears, tantrums, a carousel of doctors’ offices, studying reviews about doctors, beliefs that there are not always regalia and beautiful signs on the doors of doctors mean knowledge and help.

I had to plunge headlong into the maelstrom of medical terminology and analysis.
To understand that the foreign diagnosis and treatment of allergy sufferers is significantly different from the Russian one.

Just MOM, the site will have a minimum of medical vocabulary and incomprehensible beautiful medical words. I will share information.

Now let’s get acquainted

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  • 17.07.2022 at 08:48

    Me TOO! and your allergy information is AMAZING! thank you for sharing and i love the illustrations 🙂


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