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I have great news for you. Recently, another test of component molecular diagnostics of allergies has appeared – Allergo Expert 300. Many already know it as Allergosmart.

How does this test differ from the already known ISAC allergy test (ImmunoCap method) and the ALEX 2 test?

Allergo Expert 300 (Allergosmart) is not a test at all, but a blood test program for allergens. The program combines the test methods ALEX 2 and ImmunoCap.

In other words, the blood is tested in the laboratory using the ALEX 2 method, the results are compared with an allergy questionnaire and rechecked using the ImmunoCap method. Here is a mixture obtained.

It makes sense – trust, but verify. In theory, double checking should reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

The Allergosmart program was invented in a laboratory where the work of the ALEX and ImmunoCap methods was previously compared.

Allergo Expert 300 (Allergosmart) checks the allergic reaction to 300 allergens, determines the true allergy (Img E dependent) and the level of total immunoglobulin E.

For lovers of exact numbers – in fact, allergens are not 300 but 295 – 117 extracts and 178 molecules of allergens, plus total immunoglobulin E. 4 cells on the chip remain empty, in reserve – in case of new allergen proteins.

The analysis can be carried out for adults and children at any time of the year, no need to give up medicine for allergies or asthma. The result will not be affected by the time of the year, a hearty breakfast, exacerbation of atopic dermatitis, acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis or pregnancy.

Another feature of the analysis – blood can be donated at home and sent to the laboratory, wherever it is.

In England, the box looks like this:


How to test

allergo expert 300

You don’t need to go to the laboratory to donate blood; the test will come to your home.

Nurse will come to your home, bring a box with a capillary blood collection kit, a questionnaire and detailed instructions. The nurse will take the blood from you and take the completed application form.

Or you can order the box by mail. Or to make it easier – go to any laboratory, donate venous blood to a test tube with a red cap and send it by courier to the laboratory. You will receive the questionnaire by e-mail. Check with the laboratory representative when ordering a test.


You can go to the nearest laboratory where a nurse will take the blood and give you a sealed tube. In the laboratory, you can donate both venous and capillary blood (do not forget to drink a glass of water before analysis :))

An important point, if he will donate venous blood, the test tube from the Allergosmart box will not work. You will need to ask the nurse for a test tube with a red cap.

Carefully and accurately fill out the questionnaire and do not forget to pack it together with a blood sample.

Next, a blood sample will go to a Lithuanian laboratory. Do not worry, the blood will not suffer during transportation – there are substances in the test tube that will not let the blood deteriorate.

The laboratory promises that within two weeks you will receive the results of the analysis with the comments of allergists by e-mail. Usually the results come faster, the laboratory indicates the maximum time.

In the laboratory, your blood will be stored for a couple of weeks, in case you need any additions to the analysis.

Now let’s see how the blood will be tested.

The Allergo Expert 300 program (Allergosmart) is carried out in 3 stages.

  1. One – the blood of an allergic person is checked by the ALEX 2 method for sensitivity to 300 proteins of allergens and extracts.
  2. Two – an allergist in the laboratory studies the data of the questionnaire and compares them with the result of the first stage.
  3. Three – if in doubt, individual allergens are examined using the ImmunoCap method (Phadia).

Summary – a drop of capillary blood 0.5 ml. Allergo Expert 300 (Allergosmart) will show the body’s response to 300 protein allergens. A sufficient amount of information to prescribe the right treatment, adjust the diet and understand what to do next.

Advantages of the analysis Allergo Expert 300 (Allergosmart)


1. Price
The cost of a testing program is less than the price of an ISAC allergy test.

2. Famous laboratory
Blood for research is sent to Lithuania. The European Union has higher requirements for the quality of diagnostics, equipment and reagents.

3. Questioning
The questionnaire is an important part of the research, it will help the allergist to draw the right conclusions from the results of the analysis. The patient’s responses must be compared with the results of the first stage of diagnosis. If in doubt, the analysis is carried out again on other equipment.

For example, an allergic person ate an apple and complains of itching in his throat, which he writes about in the questionnaire. However, the results of the analysis do not show a positive reaction to the protein. Then the reaction to this protein will be checked by the ImmunoCap method and the allergist will explain why this can be and what to do.

4. Comments on the results of the analysis of European allergologists – immunologists
An alternative perspective is always helpful.

5. Both venous and capillary blood are suitable for analysis.
For those who are afraid to donate blood from a finger.

6. Blood can be donated at home
In my opinion this is very unusual. Donating blood to a child in the laboratory is always terrible stress.

Why take an analysis


  • To understand what specific protein is the allergen, the allergic immune system responds. This will help to separate the true allergy from the cross and choose the right treatment tactics.
  • Learn the reactions to major and minor allergen proteins.
  • Predict the further development of allergies: asthma, rhinitis, food allergies.
  • Plan a place to escape from the main allergen.
  • Predict the effectiveness of immunotherapy – AIT.
  • Immunotherapy works well when there is a reaction to the major (major) allergen proteins. Worse – when the reaction to both major and minor proteins. Useless – when the reaction is only to minor.
  • Determine reaction to products.
  • Products are made up of proteins. Some proteins, when cooked, lose their allergenic properties, others do not.
  • The results of the analysis can show proteins whose reaction is dangerous. After testing, you will find out which foods cannot even be sniffed, and which ones can be returned to the diet.

Who is appointed and when

Like any other analysis, Allergo Expert 300 (Allergosmart) is prescribed by an allergist.

  • Children from 6 months old if the child had anaphylaxis.
  • If the allergic person has persistent, year-round allergy symptoms: stuffy nose, swelling, coughing, redness or itching of the eyes, itching in the mouth after eating.
  • Polyvalent allergies with a reaction to two or more allergens.
  • When there are discrepancies in the results of skin tests, blood tests and symptoms.
  • When you can not find the cause of the allergy.
  • If there is an anaphylactic reaction to products and it is scary to try something new.
  • When it is not possible to establish the cause of anaphylaxis.
  • If there is a reaction to insect venom.
  • If you are allergic to latex.

When Allergo Expert 300 is Useless

  • The analysis can give incorrect results if you test the blood of a child up to 6 months. Up to this age, specific Img E may be maternal. Be sure to indicate in the questionnaire if the baby is breastfeeding;
  • The analysis is useless when an allergic person suffers from reactions to chemicals and drugs.
  • With chronic urticaria;
  • With gastrointestinal forms of allergies, in most cases;
  • With atopic dermatitis.

How i donated Allergosmart

I was terribly curious about the results of testing the blood of my little son. I made an order, and in February 2020 we sent blood from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The package went from Moscow to Lithuania on February 5. February 10, according to the mark on the order form, the blood was launched into the diagnosis. On February 20, a long-awaited letter with the results came to my mail.

Previously, I passed ISAC allergy test and prik-tests and panels using the ImmunoCap method. The results of Allergosmart confirmed the data of the ISAC allergy test, but also showed a lot of new and interesting.

AllergoSMART or Allergo Expert 300 analysis
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